What are the advantages of working with KG Group?


Customized — Our core concept is to tailor a program that fits your unique situation, and no two situations are alike. We look at your entire picture, understand it and make thoughtful recommendations. We are not locked into a “company view,” we do not push product, and we will challenge any advice that appears routine or prepared.

Hands On — We speak and meet with our clientele regularly as need dictates. Contact can be daily or monthly depending on the matters at hand. We speak to most of our clients a least once a week. We interact with professionals and investment managers on a client’s behalf on a regular basis. We do not “gather assets,” delegate to junior personnel and send a quarterly report.

Comprehensive — We act as your manager coordinating your investments, business ventures, compliance, tax planning, estate planning, outside advisers, professionals and whatever else your particular situation requires. You are relieved from this task. You will have a single point of contact simplifying your life and allowing you to enjoy the benefits of wealth without some of the burdens. For example, we have managed the financial and legal aspects of marriage, divorce, business succession and philanthropy for our clientele to relieve an otherwise burdensome task.

Advocacy — We advocate for you in every aspect of your financial life. We select and monitor the best possible group of professionals and investment advisers and hold them accountable for their results. We negotiate fee arrangements with all providers looking to secure for you the best service at a fair price. We never lock a client into a proprietary product or the services of a single financial institution, but instead benefit from healthy competition among those in the marketplace.

Supportive — By getting to know you and your family’s unique needs, goals, values, idiosyncrasies, concerns and pressures, we build a close relationship that is supportive in times of stress and that is helpful to achieve financial and non-financial goals that are sometimes difficult to articulate.

Creative — We are idea people. We think out of the box, raise new and different thoughts for your consideration and challenge accepted concepts in a diplomatic fashion.

Practical — We speak in plain language. We want you to understand. We strive to explain ideas and concepts in a lucid and articulate manner. Our recommendations are based on practical, real world experience. We attempt to avoid the theoretical and metaphysical, and instead focus on sensible, time proven strategies to achieve your goals.

Unbiased — Our unique platform allows us to deliver the best advice without conflicts of interest arising from financial products sales or money management. We are on your side of the table. We accept no compensation from any firm or institution. In addition, we do not ask you to terminate existing advisory relationships but we will work with them seamlessly.