KG Group LLC serves persons and families of exceptional wealth. Families who find that managing their wealth impacts important personal and family issues beyond additional wealth creation. Families that desire best-in-class service and products, but who find that accessing and coordinating such services and products across various firms is a time intensive and difficult task. Families that want customized, proactive, multi-generational, comprehensive planning and not run of the mill advice. Traditional advisers such as investment advisory firms, law firms or other entities that provide specific products or services are not equipped, nor do they desire, to address these critical needs. KG Group serves clients who want a better solution a solution that combines the finest hands-on personal service with open architecture to source and coordinate the best talent and products available. A solution that uses wealth as a tool to instill and foster personal values across present and future generations. A solution in which interests are completely aligned so that the only incentive is the best interests of the client. A solution that combines business advice with professional advice to achieve financial and non-financial goals. In short, a solution that delivers comprehensive wealth management.